How many people can stay at your Homes?

Villa Din & Villa Sai: 2 adults per Villa
Villa Hin: 2 adults, with additional option of 2 more adults on floor mattresses. 
Villa MahaNaPai: 2 adults, with option of 2 more adults on floor mattresses in each of the 2 Bedroom Villas.

If I rent 1 Bedroom Villa in Villa MahaNaPai will I get a stranger staying in the other Bedroom Villa?

Not at all. We do not rent out the two Bedroom Villas in Villa MahaNaPai to different guests. You either rent 1 Bedroom Villa and we lock away the other Bedroom and you enjoy the Living Villa and entire compound all by yourselves, or you can rent both the Bedroom Villas.

What are the bathrooms like?

They are creative cool with modern sanitary ware. Visit the gallery photos to see what they are like. You won’t be disappointed. Hot showers are available in all the bathrooms.

Do I bring my own shampoo and soap?

You can but we provided soap and shampoo just like hotels do. But do bring any other personal items that you need. Towels are provided and changed daily.

What kind of bed options are available? 

All bedrooms in all Homes have 6-foot King-size beds with Grade A Sealy-brand mattresses. Additional/Extra beds are comfortable floor mattresses.

Are the rooms cleaned daily?

You bet. Our maid will clean the house and will also change the towels daily. It’s clean like a hotel but with a home feel. 

I need Internet wherever I stay. Can Butterfly Homes help?

We have installed fiber optics directly to our homes, so you’ll get the fastest internet available in Thailand. That’s quite amazing considering you’ll be experiencing a cute valley town in the middle of the northern hills of Thailand with hill tribes still going about their traditional lifestyle. We have wireless access points so you can use all your wireless devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones), all at once if needed, and it’s free.

Where are your Homes in Pai located?

We are located in the middle of Pai town. Next to us is a 5-start resort and we’re walking distance to the nightly Walking Street which is town-center. It’s a perfect location for those interested to experience Pai as local townspeople do. There are very few hotels as center as us. Most are guesthouses offering lower quality accommodation. 

Are the two Homes adjacent to each other?

Our two Homes (Hin, Din, Sai & Villa MahaNaPai) are both located in the same gated community and are 100 meters apart. 

Do you have room service?

We do not have room service and we also do not have a functioning kitchen in our homes. Pai is a fantastic place to enjoy a variety of delicious foods offered and we expect most guests would rather eat out than cook. We send a recommended list of places to eat and visit for all our guests. There is a resort within our gated community that has a functioning restaurant in the high season.

Are the houses secure?

Both Homes are located in a secured gated community. It’s a nice community with several homes and a resort located within it. So you get the benefit of being secure with security guards, cameras at the front of the community. 

What kind of people stay at your Homes?

All kinds. Travelers that are sick and tired of the hotel “feel” are big on our homes, and rented homes in general. We are the only place so far offering this properly in Pai. It’s how we live ourselves when we are there but are not there all the time. 

I heard there are no TVs or Air-conditioners?

Yes, that right. We’re not believers in TVs ourselves and prefer not to let junk media disturb the serenity of the Pai experience. Pai is also naturally cool so there is no need for air conditioners. It may be hot during the day in the summer months (March-May) but gets nice in the evening. Our fans will do you just fine. 

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